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449 W King St, Carson City, Nevada 89703

(775) 883-1976



“If the goal of TEDx was to stimulate and motivate, then Carson City’s first event was a definite success”.- Nevada Appeal April 9, 2016

Photo by Sarah Morey

In 2009, TED launched the TEDx program with the goal of bringing the TED experience to local communities around the world. In July of this year, the TED and TEDx communities celebrated 2000 events worldwide, and TEDxCarsonCity  is proud to become part of a global community that is helping bring great ideas to towns and cities across the globe.

TEDxCarsonCity is an all day event where engaging speakers from a variety of disciplines share their life’s work, passions, and concepts through thought-provoking and entertaining talks that run between 10 to 15 minutes in length. The event combines live talks, TED Talk videos,and opportunities to network and discover unexpected connections and ultimately build community.

TEDxCarsonCity is a not-for-profit event that is brought to you by an incredibly dedicated group of unpaid volunteers.

The theme for TEDxCarsonCity 2016 is “Creating the community you want to live in”.  Carson City is on the cusp of doing great things by working together and uniting all stakeholders from different fields and organizations. The goal for TEDxCarsonCity is to unite the entire community both formal and informal leaders from all sectors and silos in the community with the common vision to transform Carson City to a community that all would want to live in.  

Ultimately TEDxCarsonCity is an incubator for great ideas, a perfect opportunity to meet people who are doing interesting things, and a way to explore the interconnectivity that joins us.

Check out our Facebook page for up to the minute information about the event.




TEDxCarsonCity Sponsors: 

Carson Tahoe Hospital

Farmer’s Insurance

Thank you for supporting growth and learning in Carson City!


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