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449 W King St, Carson City, Nevada 89703

(775) 883-1976

Robin Travis

Robin Travis

robinNovember Artist Of The Month

The Brewery Arts Center is proud to feature works by Carson City photographer, Robin Travis.   A Carson City resident since 1999, Robin is a talented photographer specializing in nature photography, landscapes, wildlife, and wedding and event photography.   Robin is passionate about creating images that inspire others.  Her vision is to share the delights of the world.

Robin was born in Mansfield, Ohio and is a resident of Carson City.   Robin has a wonderful Midwestern personality and embraces life to the fullest.  Her photographs embody her philosophy to live life in the moment and to take the time to take in the beauty around you.

Robin tackles life like she approaches her photography, with a boundless energy to document the allure of the West while capturing the beauty and marvels of nature with the utmost respect and appreciation.


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