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449 W King St, Carson City, Nevada 89703

(775) 883-1976

Painting Classes


Painting Classes

Painting Classes at the Brewery Arts Center

The Brewery Arts Center provides painting classes for children and adults alike. Painting classes will help participants learn fundamentals of painting, help develop and refine skills.

Acrylic Painting for Kids

Students will learn the importance of composition, use of color, value, line, shapes and other important elements of visual art. They will learn to use different types of tools and materials. They will build their sense of confidence and self-esteem through art. Ages 7-12 Contact instructor with questions: or 321-301-3026 Tuition: $15 per class Classes: Fridays 5PM - 7 PM. February 17th - April 21st Instructor: Robin Masek Location: Painting Studio

Mandala Art Creative Expression for Healing

This workshop is for those wanting a pathway to healing while tapping into their inner artist. Through expressive arts therapy, which is the use of art and creation for mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, we will be creating personal mandalas that can assist in the expression of feelings both conscious and unconscious. Combined with guided imagery, sharing, laughter and possibly tears, having the potential of bringing both healing and growth. Creativity has a way of doing that. It helps give expression to our deepest thought and feelings. As we create, the healing begins. And when we create together, the world feels kinder somehow, even in the midst of the pain. Tuition: $60 Class Date & Time: Sunday, February 19th 2017 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM Instructor: Kym Maehl Location: Art Classroom

Oil Painting

This class is designed for beginner to intermediate oil painters. Students will learn color theory and mixing, composition, setting up values at the start, purposes of different mediums, tools and techniques used in oil painting. Contact instructor with questions: or 321-301-3026 Tuition: $45 Class Dates & Times: Saturdays 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM February 18th - April 22nd Instructor: Robin Masek Location: Painting Studio