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449 W King St, Carson City, Nevada 89703

(775) 883-1976

Vote For Levitt AMP Carson City

Record your next album


Vote For Levitt AMP Carson City

Music Recording and Mixing

11038920_1465882873714167_7464621256559127082_nThe King St. Recording Studio, located downstairs in the old church building, serves as a professional and affordable studio for musicians and bands.  The Studio, run by professional musician Aaron Chiazza, creates a welcoming atmosphere where musicians feel comfortable creating and trust that their music will be mixed properly and in a timely manner.  While the main studio is downstairs, musicians have the use of the entire Performance Hall and it's lobby upstairs to find the perfect sound. The Brewery Arts Center has video production equipment if you are looking to make a video, designers for your cover art, and facilities with live stream capabilities for your album release party.  The King St. Studio with the Brewery Arts Center has everything you need to produce your next musical masterpiece.
The studio is also available for recording podcasts, speeches, lectures, and seminars.


Contact Aaron to schedule your time