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449 W King St, Carson City, Nevada 89703

(775) 883-1976


Thank You



Club 1975

Welcome to Club 1975 – the Brewery Arts Center’s monthly giving program, dedicated to keeping our community overflowing with art, every day of the year.Member magnet no background

Your account is automatically charged $19.75 every month (the BAC was founded in 1975) which is a mere .65 per day. No need to remember to make a donation. You can choose to charge your credit or debit card or to have the funds transferred safely and securely from your checking or savings account.

You can spread out your giving over the course of the year, allowing you to fit your BIG heart into a moderate budget!

Membership to the Brewery Arts Center easily pays for itself with discounts on everything from concerts to classes to the Artisan Shop, however, as a member of Club 1975, you’ll be part of the Brewery Arts Center’s Inner Circle. You’re one of our best friends, and we treat you accordingly, with invitations to private events, behind-the-scenes updates, and random class discounts (just for fun).

Joining Club 1975 is good for US!

Having a steady source of monthly income allows us to plan ahead and budget wisely.

Monthly giving allows us to save on the cost of postage and fundraising materials.

We can point to our Club 1975 champions as proof of community investment in the Brewery Arts Center to leverage funding from other sources.

Basically, Club 1975 is good for EVERYONE!  Sign up today!



Consider A Membership


A membership for you or your family is a great way to show your support for the arts in Carson City. 

As a member you will receive the following: 


Discounted tickets to events and performances

Discounted tuition on most workshops, classes, and camps

Discounted rental rates on all 3 rental spaces

Weekly email news blast to keep you "In The Know"

Special FREE members only events

Membership Card

10% any purchase at the Artisan Store


Membership Information


Individual Adult Membership        (1 Adult 18 - 64 yrs old)                                        $45

Adult Couple Membership              (2 Adults 18 - 64 yrs old)                                      $80

Individual Senior/ Student             (1 Adult 65+ yrs or Student ID)                         $35

Senior Couple  Membership           (2 Adults 65+ yrs or Student ID)                       $60

Household Membership                  (Up to 6 Immediate Family Members)            $100

Supporter Membership                    (Up to 6 Extended Family & Guests)                $150

Corporate Membership                               (Up to 10 Individuals)                               $200 
Corporate Non-Profit Membership            (Up to 5 Individuals)                          $150


Join Us In Celebrating The Arts


Please consider a one time or recurring contribution to fund the work we do at the Brewery Arts Center.

Your donation helps us to support established and rising stars in the visual, performing, film making and digital arts, as well as arts education for the community through classes, workshops,

musical concerts, and theatrical and dance performances. 

As we work and create together, your partnership will help all to benefit from a thriving cultural art community in the capitol city and Northern Nevada region. 

If you would like to make an online donation to the Brewery Arts Center please click the button below.

Send your donation to The Brewery Arts Center at 449 W King St. Carson City, NV 89703.

The Brewery Arts Center is always in need of items including costumes, art supplies, production equipment, and tools.

If you would like to make a physical donation to the Brewery Arts Center, please call 775-883-1976

or stop by the Administrative Offices at 449 W King St. Carson City, NV 89703.


  • Yesterday I went with my family to Red Thunder and it was wonderful! We were given free tickets through Carson City Casa. I so appreciate the tickets and the great afternoon out with the family. The performance was beautiful and my two smallest girls got to go on stage and dance the Friendship Dance. Three of the children have some Native American in their back-round, so it was extra special for them to get to experience something about their heritage that is positive and desirable. So much of their personal history is not so pleasant and it is great when we can enrich their self concept. Thank you so much for another fabulous treat! -

    Cindy Rodman
  • Diving Into the Arts is not just a program for youths who are already successful in the arts that they practice regularly. Diving Into the Arts is a project built by a strong partnership with the goal of supporting the youth who need us most in order to engage them in entirely new ways that will help them find success in all areas of their lives.”

    Bridget Gordon, Teen Director, Boys and Girls Clubs of Western Nevada
  • Thank you for having Alex in your class. It is the first class that Alex has been enthusiastic from beginning to end ever!! He really enjoyed the opportunity to help with the harmonica project, and looks forward to taking the video production class again & again.

    Nenita Wasserman