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Artist Resources and Art Organizations


Artist Resources and Art Organizations

Looking for more resources to take you art to the next level. Below are state and local organizations that may be able to help. Carson City has many opportunities for artists who want to create in Nevada.



Nevada Arts Council

 The Nevada Arts Council, a division of the new Nevada Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, was created as a state agency in 1967. With offices in Carson City and Las Vegas, the Nevada Arts Council’s mission is “to enrich the cultural life of the state through leadership that preserves, supports, strengthens and makes accessible excellence in the arts for all Nevadans.” Nevada Arts Council programs serve as a catalyst to stimulate artistic, cultural and economic activity across the state, animate its breadth of communities, ensure lifelong learning in the arts for all Nevadans, and to encourage public and private support for the arts.





Capital City Arts Initiative

The Capital City Arts Initiative is an artist-centered organization committed to the encouragement and support of artists and the arts and culture of Carson City and the surrounding region. The Initiative is committed to community building for the area’s diverse adult and youth populations through art exhibitions, live events, arts education programs, artist residencies, and online projects.





Nevada Artist Association

 To develop and encourage the attainment and maintenance of a high standard of art, to promote and stimulate the   practical expression of art and art appreciation by those people and groups interested in the arts in the state of Nevada. To present to the public works of artists by sponsoring, sanctioning and promoting art exhibits. To encourage the establishment of schools and classes in art for the citizens of the state of Nevada. To create and maintain high ethical standards among artists





Carson City Arts & Culture Coalition

 The Carson City Arts and Culture Coalition supports a vibrant cultural life for our community by promoting and advocating on behalf of the area's artists and cultural institutions. The Coalition recognizes that a creative environment is an essential component of energetic civic life and sustained economic growth in the community.





Great Basin Native Artists

 Great Basin Native Artists website is a venue for Native American professional working artists residing in Nevada and the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountain range. This collective group of artists wanted to be available to the public in one resource center and available to each other for professional support by providing: Great Basin Native Artists Directory and Image Gallery online, exhibiting opportunities for Native group art shows, art business workshops for professional and emerging artists, forum for Native artists and interested community members to connect, Online presence for rural Native artists.





 Black Rock Arts Foundation

 The Black Rock Arts Foundation (BRAF) was founded by several of the partners who founded and produce Burning Man, an annual arts festival in the Nevada desert. The Burning Man event, like no other environment in the world, has created a unique venue for art, and has rekindled one of art’s most valuable functions: connecting community members in creation, curiosity, and wonderment. At Burning Man, we observe how art brings people together, inspires participation and engenders meaningful connections between individuals. The art experienced at Burning Man invites individuals to interact with both the work itself and with their community at large.






The Generator

The Generator is looking for creators, builders, dreamers, wanderers and everyone in between who want to build, explore and play together. We are open to the public Wednesday-Sunday Noon to 10pm. And open to members 24 hours a day 7 days a week.