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449 W King St, Carson City, Nevada 89703

(775) 883-1976

Art In The Park

Art In The Park

Historically, the BAC has always had arts education on its campus but as our community grows, we realize our obligation to expand beyond our doors on King Street and reach out to those who reside in areas who might not ever have the opportunity to come to our campus.   Therefore, we recently launched our Arts in the Park program in an area of Carson City that is largely under served  by offering a wide variety of arts programs right in their neighborhood, three days each week during the last six weeks summer vacation.   We have our “micro” brewery arts center in a park adjacent to a neighborhood school which has 100% of its population on free or reduced lunch programs and a park where another organization, Food 4 Thought, serves 70-100 lunches each day and a different instructor each week comes out and teaches art classes to anyone who wants to participate.   This program is completely free to any youth in the neighborhood and has been an overwhelming success serving over 300 kids in the first 4 week alone from babies in diapers to those in their late teens.  We have seen the benefits of this program since its launch in July of 2015 and have expanded the program this year to the entire 11 weeks of summer and also teach out of the Boys and Girls Club every Thursday.

The objectives of the Art in the Park project are to give youth the opportunity:

  • To learn to create art from first hand observation and experience
  • To work with professional artists in an environment that is comfortable to them, namely their own neighborhood
  • To identify visual and tactile qualities that appeal to them
  • To experiment with observations of line, shape, color and texture
  • To expand their verbal skills and critical thinking by allowing for dialogue and review about their art in a open and constructive manner so they can interpret through language the impact art can have. This is important because English is not the first language of many of the children we worked with last year.
We will achieve these objectives by going into neighborhoods with teachers who can work one on one with students in a classroom-type environment which we create daily where they can float from one student to the next.   The professional teachers working with the students in the park will be discussing the various mediums and giving history about them and answering questions from their students.
We rotate the art teachers weekly so that the instruction and the medium changes throughout the summer allowing for a wider range of exposure, however, for the consistency that so many of our young people yearn for, we have a program manager who is there every day and is able to witness and document trends and successes of the program throughout the summer.   We have found this formula to be most successful in gaining the children’s trust and thus allowing them to expand their horizons and become active participants in the program.
This is a barrier free program.  There is no paperwork required for proof of need.
This program is generously funded through
private donations and the Nevada Arts Council, National Endowment for the Arts, The Bessie Minor Swift Foundation, The Dermody Foundation and generous private donations.

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